Plennary Lectures

Conferências confirmadas:

The consequences of hypoglycemia in diabetes
Simon Heller (Great Britain)

Depression, anxiety, and sexual dysfunction during the menopause: What’s new in 2024?
Jewel Kling (USA) )

Bone Density and Body Composition Analysis: The New ISCD Position Statement 2024
Mike Lewiecki (USA) )

Testosterone replacement in women: friend or foe?
Jewel Kling (USA) )

The Year in Type 2 Diabetes
Simon Heller (Great Britain) )

Type 2 Diabetes in adolescents: the “dangerous” wolf in sheep’s clothing!
Ambika Ashraf (USA) )

The Year in Osteoporosis
Matthew Drake (USA) )

Obesity in adolescents: It’s time to act!
Ambika Ashraf (USA) )

The Year in Diabetes and Pregnancy
David McIntyre (Australia) )

The 2024 Approach to Graves’Eye Disease
Hossein Gharib (USA) )

Hyperthyroidism: Treatment Strategies in 2024
Hossein Gharib (USA) )

The Year in Vitamin D
Francisco Bandeira (Brazil) )

Central Hypogonadism: Treatment Strategies in 2024
Marconi Abreu (USA) )

Differential diagnosis and management of Hypercalcemia in 2024
Matthew Drake (USA) )